West St. Paul

City Council Preview: Feb. 24, 2020

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There are some fun and important resolutions and presentations on the upcoming West St. Paul City Council agenda, as well as some failed tobacco and alcohol compliance checks. Otherwise it’s a pretty quiet evening.

Oh, who am I kidding—we get a glimpse of more Starbucks!

A quick overview of the highlights:

  • More Starbucks: The Open Council Work Session (OCWS) includes a review of new plans for out buildings at Cub Foods. The plans include Xfinity, Chase, and Starbucks—which would make a second stand-alone Starbucks in town. Council is giving direction on which option to proceed with, so we’ll likely get more info on Monday and then a full proposal will likely come forward at a later date.
  • More sidewalk: The OCWS will also include discussion on proposed sidewalk and trail for Thompson and Oakdale before it goes to an open house for public input in March.
  • Fun: The city will honor Rose Slomba, who turns 100 on February 29. Also look for a Bird City resolution in the consent agenda and an Open to Business presentation.
  • Police: Look for the city to swear in a new police officer.
  • Drinkin’ & smokin’: A number of local establishments failed their alcohol and tobacco compliance checks (they sold to a minor) and will have to pay the piper.
  • Dome: The dome will get some changes to the roofing at the emergency exits to better handle the snow.

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