Signs of hope: It's my 7th birthday, Be Kind, Read! Play!, Standing Together, a rainbow, Thank You, One step at a time!, Help the Earth

West St. Paul Reflections: Signs of Spring

Thanks to Pace’s Tire and Service Center for their support. They specialize in personal, bumper-to-bumper auto care and repairs on foreign and domestic cars and trucks.

Usually this time of year we notice all the signs of spring. But this year, there are new signs. With COVID-19, life is a bit different. 

Some are necessary, if discouraging.

But there are also other signs popping up all over West St. Paul. 

Signs saying thank you to nurses, teachers, grocery store workers, and more.

There are signs celebrating our graduates. 

Some signs are kind of silly.

And there are signs of hope on homes, sidewalks, yards and more.

There’s one sign about butterflies, and now I smile whenever I see them, grateful for the new signs of spring.

Stay healthy and stay hopeful West St. Paul.

If you enjoy the illustrated version of me, it’s by local West St. Paul artist Carolyn Swiszcz as part of our Better Politics, Please project on Kickstarter.

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