West St. Paul city council chambers

How to Support Local News in West St. Paul

Local news coverage isn’t what it used to be. Neighborhood papers have closed their doors, the major papers pay little attention to West St. Paul, and the TV cameras rarely show up. We had 350 people at a City Council meeting in January but no story from the big papers (we had three stories). Now we’ve got a $122 million development and the only story from the big papers came with the original announcement last summer (we’ve written about it more than 10 times so far).

West St. Paul Reader brings you the latest news in West St. Paul, from City Council recaps to interviews with local personalities. You can find us in city hall, attending meetings and asking questions. We show up to a lot of events, take pictures, and find out what’s happening. As we approach the 2020 election we’re sharing unbiased election coverage (with lots more to come). 

We work hard to provide free community news and help people know what’s going on. 

But we need your help to do it. 

“You rock at what you do. I read every post. And it’s always info I would have no other way to get.”

Andy Berndt

How This Works

West St. Paul Reader is a crowd-funded news site, which means we’re supported by readers like you. We have a few advertisers and receive the occasional one-time donations, but the vast majority of our support comes from our ongoing patrons through Patreon

These folks support West St. Paul Reader with a monthly payment, starting at just $3 per month. As a reward, they get a postcard thank you, a weekly insider update, and more. But most of them don’t do it for the rewards. They do it to support local news.

Our West St. Paul Reader patrons are the ones who make this community news site possible. Their consistent donations bring us closer to becoming sustainable. 

We’re currently only 10 supporters away from hitting our goal of 50 patrons and launching digital meetups with our patrons. 

Support West St. Paul Reader

So if you like knowing what’s going on and want to help keep your neighbors informed, consider supporting West St. Paul Reader:

Thanks for your support.

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