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Local News in West St. Paul Needs You

What’s going on, West St. Paul? Whether it’s breaking the news of Granny Donuts closing or giving hourly updates in the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, West St. Paul Reader offers hyperlocal news you can’t get anywhere else.

We also work hard to support the community, whether it’s sharing stories of helping first responders or supporting local artists. We try to answer questions, report on City Council, support local businesses, and dig into some local history.

But to do any of that, we need your support.

The Challenge of Local News

It’s not exactly a booming time for local news. The Lillie News shut down in late 2019, City Pages stopped publication this fall, and the Southwest Review is closing at the end of the year.

But there is hope. A recent MinnPost story highlighted the plight of hyperlocal news and spotlighted West St. Paul Reader. The story called us “the best hope for micro-content.”

We Need Your Support

Given those recent closures, it’s obvious the economics of local news are tough. We do have a few advertisers, but most of our support comes from readers like you. Currently, more than 50 neighbors support us through Patreon on a monthly or annual basis. This consistent support allows us to keep doing the work we do.

More support allows us to keep going, hire guest contributors, commission local art, and more.

Think about the value we provide—knowing what’s going on in West St. Paul—and consider how you can support us.

Support Us Today

Here’s how you can support West St. Paul Reader:

Thanks for your support.


  1. Hey Lucille: Thanks for your interest. Membership through Patreon requires an online payment. It’s a whole system that gives access to weekly updates and more. But if you’re not interested in the weekly updates and other member benefits, or just don’t care to mess with it, then sending a check for a donation is great. The mailing address is on our support page: https://weststpaulreader.com/support/

  2. Even though we live in Saint Paul we visit West Saint Paul all the time for shopping and recreation, and I love the content I find on this website. Our family is one of your Patreon supporters because this website is such an asset to the community. Thank you, keep up the great work! 🙂

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