Meet a Member: Teresa Joens-Kostick

Meet a Member: Teresa Joens-Kostick

We’re saying hello to some of our neighbors during our member drive, meeting folks who support West St. Paul Reader. Today we’re meeting Teresa Joens-Kostick, who works as a senior staff accountant and has lived in West St. Paul for 27 years. She’s been a member of West St. Paul Reader since August 2020.

West St. Paul Love

What do you love about West St. Paul?

I love the small-town feel of West St. Paul and the diversification of it!

Where is your favorite place in West St. Paul? 

I love Hobby Lobby as I’m a crafter. It is so convenient!

What’s your go-to West St. Paul eatery? 

5-8 Club. Great burgers and friendly staff.

What is West St. Paul’s best kept secret?

The Pizza Shop.

What do you wish people knew about West St. Paul?

We are very welcoming of all.

Why did you move to West St. Paul?

My friends and I moved here after college. It was conveniently located to my job at the time. I now work in St. Louis Park but will commute to stay in West St. Paul.

Being a West St. Paul Reader Member

Why did you decide to become a member and support West St. Paul Reader?

I wanted to support my hometown newspaper and have never regretted it.

What do you like most about being a member and supporting West St. Paul Reader?

Timeliness of the news and behind the scenes stories.

What’s your favorite West St. Paul Reader story?

I actually enjoy the weekly updates on the City Council meetings.

Be a Member

You can join John and support West St. Paul Reader. Membership starts at just $3 per month.

Thanks to Teresa for supporting our work and sharing her story.

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