Founder’s Wall

Thank you to the original supporters who made West St. Paul Reader happen by backing our Kickstarter campaign in 2019:

Anonymous | Pete & Angela Barry | Wendy Berry | Jeff Busse | Dawn and Tom Butler | Andrea Buzzell | Kristin & Dave Carr | Lyn Crosby | Bronwyn Deen | Jay DeLaRosby | Katie Dohman | Pamela Dyer | Julie Eastman | Dan Ernst | Field Trip Quilting | Traci Geller | James Heaney | Kerry Hendricks | Edgar Herrera | Evolve Workplace | Michelle & Chuck Hodgson | K. Howe | Carol Huot | Joan Hutter | Morgan W. Kavanaugh | Jeremy Keillor| Sarah Kirkwood | Jacobi Lange | Lance LaRue | Laureen | Darlene Lewis | Liz and Tim | Dave Long & Carly Dusseau | Lucy | Deborah Lynch | Kris & Jessica Mager | Krystal Majerus Enquist | Mary McCauley | Meleah Miller | Terri Nowicki Smith | Andrew Olson | K. Otte | Ken Paulman | Matt and Jade Pennig | Kiki Peterson | Picture Perfect Art & Frame | Joshua Przybylski | Judy Rangel | The Schempp Family | Stephanie Schroeder | Lisa A. Stevens | Dawn and Jamie Strobach | Tom Stukel and Liz Deziel | Becky Sturm | JUSTIN THESENVITZ | Jessica & David Zehavi

Business Support

Thanks to the many businesses who participated in our original West St. Paul coupon book, one of the rewards from our foundational Kickstarter campaign:

5-8 Club, Amore Coffee, Anderson Vacuum, Camelot Cleaners, Cardinal Corner, Cherokee Tavern, Eclipse Music, Evolve Workplace, Legacy American Martial Arts, ManCave BarberShop, Minnesota Locks, Nowak’s Liquor, Pace’s Tire & Service Center, Picture Perfect Art & Frame, YMCA, and Zak’s Auto Service.

Additional Thanks

We’d like to offer an additional thanks to several folks who went above and beyond in helping make West St. Paul Reader a reality:

Jena Bushey & Jack Smail, Lisa Eng-Sarne, Abby Hendricks, Katie Lowe, Dave Napier, Bob Pace, Ken Paulman, Jim Probst, Matthew Schempp, Carolyn Swiszcz, and Tara Wright.