Founder’s Wall

Special thanks to the folks who go above and beyond to support West St. Paul Reader.

Business Support

Thanks to the businesses who have sponsored us this month:

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Super Neighbors

Thanks to the amazing neighbors who have supported us this month:

  • Sara Blair
  • Pam Dyer
  • Debby Fulton
  • Martin Kapsch
  • Morgan Kavanaugh
  • Kristine Klein
  • Michelle & AJ Lewis
  • Julie & Rafe Lyford
  • Ken Paulman
  • Jade Pennig
  • Jeannine Pohl
  • Jon Rexeisen
  • Lisa Stevens
  • Vicki Whebbe

(You can add your name to this list by supporting us through Patreon.)

Original Kickstarter Supporters

Thank you to the original supporters who made West St. Paul Reader happen by backing our Kickstarter campaign in 2019:

Anonymous | Pete & Angela Barry | Wendy Berry | Jeff Busse | Dawn and Tom Butler | Andrea Buzzell | Kristin & Dave Carr | Lyn Crosby | Bronwyn Deen | Jay DeLaRosby | Katie Dohman | Pamela Dyer | Julie Eastman | Dan Ernst | Field Trip Quilting | Traci Geller | James Heaney | Kerry Hendricks | Edgar Herrera | Evolve Workplace | Michelle & Chuck Hodgson | K. Howe | Carol Huot | Joan Hutter | Morgan W. Kavanaugh | Jeremy Keillor| Sarah Kirkwood | Jacobi Lange | Lance LaRue | Laureen | Darlene Lewis | Liz and Tim | Dave Long & Carly Dusseau | Lucy | Deborah Lynch | Kris & Jessica Mager | Krystal Majerus Enquist | Mary McCauley | Meleah Miller | Terri Nowicki Smith | Andrew Olson | K. Otte | Ken Paulman | Matt and Jade Pennig | Kiki Peterson | Picture Perfect Art & Frame | Joshua Przybylski | Judy Rangel | The Schempp Family | Stephanie Schroeder | Lisa A. Stevens | Dawn and Jamie Strobach | Tom Stukel and Liz Deziel | Becky Sturm | JUSTIN THESENVITZ | Jessica & David Zehavi

Business Sponsors

Thanks to the many businesses who participated in our original West St. Paul coupon book, one of the rewards from our foundational Kickstarter campaign:

5-8 Club, Amore Coffee, Anderson Vacuum, Camelot Cleaners, Cardinal Corner, Cherokee Tavern, Eclipse Music, Evolve Workplace, Legacy American Martial Arts, ManCave BarberShop, Minnesota Locks, Nowak’s Liquor, Pace’s Tire & Service Center, Picture Perfect Art & Frame, YMCA, and Zak’s Auto Service.

Additional Thanks

We’d like to offer an additional thanks to several folks who went above and beyond in helping make West St. Paul Reader a reality:

Jena Bushey & Jack Smail, Lisa Eng-Sarne, Abby Hendricks, Katie Lowe, Dave Napier, Bob Pace, Ken Paulman, Jim Probst, Matthew Schempp, Carolyn Swiszcz, and Tara Wright.