Robert Street in 1989

West St. Paul History

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Founded in 1889, West St. Paul, Minnesota, is a growing first-ring suburb located directly south of St. Paul.

General History

Notable Personalities From West St. Paul

  • Olivia Irvine Dodge: Founder of Dodge Nature Center.
  • Joan Kroc: The philanthropist and wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc was born in West St. Paul.
  • Harold Stassen: Three-time Minnesota governor and perennial presidential candidate.
  • Steve Sack: Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist with a 40-year career with the Star Tribune.

City Government & Administration

1889-1891 West St. Paul City Council
  • Mayors: A list of all West St. Paul mayors throughout history.
  • Council: A list of all West St. Paul City Council members throughout history.
  • Devona Weatherhead: First woman to serve on West St. Paul’s City Council.
  • James Husman: Youngest mayor in West St. Paul history.
  • West St. Paul Firsts: A wider look at historic firsts for West St. Paul’s City Council and mayor.

Historic Locations in West St. Paul

See our Then & Now series for a comparison of historic and modern views. The Dakota County Historical Society also offers this West St. Paul historic map with short histories of various locations.

Historic Events:

Here’s a timeline of West St. Paul history:

West St. Paul Centennial: 1889-1989

Cover of West St. Paul Centennial: 1889-1989

The definitive history of West St. Paul is captured in the 320-page book, West St. Paul Centennial: 1889-1989, a tome created to honor the city’s 100th anniversary. Printed in 1989, the book is available on the reference shelf at Wentworth Library.

“The story of West St. Paul is just such a tapestry of memories, woven from the minds of many and then mixed and matched into what becomes a collage of experience.”

Lois A. Glewwe, historian and editor of West St. Paul Centennial
A glimpse inside West St. Paul Centennial: 1889-1989 with the opening chapter, "Forty Farms and Forty Acres."

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