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Neighborhood news relies on your support. Researching, writing, editing, and publishing news is time intensive work. You can be the local hero who helps make that happen.

How Can I Help?

Glad you’re on board, neighbor. We’ve got some simple ways you can help:

  1. Become a member.
  2. Make a one-time donation.
  3. Buy some swag.
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1. Become a Member

The best way you can help is joining through Patreon. That recurring support is steady income we can rely on.

Monthly support starts as low as $3 or you can pay annually and save 5%. Membership includes:

  • Exclusive weekly updates.
  • A West St. Paul-themed thank you postcard featuring the work of a local artist.
  • Member discount at our Etsy shop.
  • That warm feeling of local pride knowing you’re supporting local news.

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2. One-Time Donation

If you’re not down with a recurring payment, no worries. You can make a one-time donation as well. Every bit helps:

  • Venmo: @weststpaulreader
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3. Local Swag

Check out our Etsy shop for West St. Paul Reader stuff and items from local artists.

Businesses or organizations interested in supporting the community and reaching local residents can look into sponsored content and advertising opportunities.

What People Say

“Thanks, this is a bright spot amidst all the depressing current events!”

Holly Bowen-Bailey

“Your articles are an amazing resource for local news that you won’t find at TwinCities.com.”

Julian LaFerla

“Excellent article—insightful and informative! It has answered many of the questions we’ve been asking one another.”

Carl B.

“I joined because the Asian Eats article was FANTASTIC! Prompted us to check out two of the restaurants for the first time. Planning to hit the entire list. What a contribution to our community.”

Darcy McKenzie

“Thank you for sharing news about our community!”

Missy Keveles

“We went to Thai Pepper for the first time after reading this interview.”


How We Started

From the beginning, West St. Paul Reader has relied on your support. We launched in 2019 with a Kickstarter campaign and the support of 68 backers (and a number of other supporters). It takes a village.

That initial effort got the site off the ground and allowed for a number of extras, including logo design and guest columnists. We’re incredibly grateful.

Thanks to all our supporters.