Welcome to West St. Paul

Welcome to West St. Paul!

If you’re new to West St. Paul, welcome! We’d love to help you learn a little more about your new neighborhood.

Quick Facts

  • The city is five square miles.
  • Population: 20,615 (2020 Census)
  • Median income: $57,000
  • West Side vs. West St. Paul: West St. Paul is its own city, while the West Side is a neighborhood of St. Paul. Annapolis Street is the primary dividing line (except for Forty Acres).
Robert Street in West St. Paul
Looking north along Robert Street (photo by Peter Ladd)

Helpful Info

Kids playing in water at the splash pad.
Splash pad at Harmon Park

Local Government

  • City: The City of West St. Paul is represented by a six-member City Council and mayor. We have a weak-mayor system where the city manager actually runs the city and is accountable to the City Council and mayor. The city is divided into three wards with two council members representing each ward (see the ward map). Here’s our guide to attending City Council meetings.
  • County: West St. Paul is in Dakota County and represented by county commissioners from seven districts—we’re in District 2.
  • State legislature: West St. Paul is divided into two different legislative districts. The northern half of West St. Paul (roughly north of Emerson) is in House District 65B while the southern half is in House District 53A.
  • School district: West St. Paul is in ISD 197 and represented by a seven-member school board. There are also a number of private and charter schools within West St. Paul.
  • Vote: We do extensive local election coverage, so look for our voter’s guide when it’s time to vote.
'Vote Here' sign at West St. Paul city hall.

Local Organizations

WSP Pride 2022 event with vendors and LGBTQ+ flags.
WSP Pride 2022

History & Common Questions

George Wentworth House in 1890 and 2021
The Wentworth House, the only structure in West St. Paul on the National Register of Historic Places.

Quirky Things to Love About West St. Paul

  • Albert Park: The smallest park in West St. Paul has a weird backstory of tragedy, typos, and tall tales.
  • Art Park: We recently installed a mosaic sculpture in our art park, a tiny park on the corner of Oakdale and Butler.
  • Medians: Robert Street, our main commercial thoroughfare, was redone in 2016-2017 including removing the left-turn lane and adding medians. People still love to complain about the addition of medians, despite the improved safety.
  • Chicken: People love to joke about an over-abundance of chicken restaurants in West St. Paul, but the reality is we have way more taco joints (7+) than chicken places (4).
  • Libraries: We love Little Free Libraries.
  • Song: We have our own unofficial theme song. It was created by local artist Carolyn Swiszcz, who also has a zine you should check out.
  • The mall: While Signal Hills ceased to be an enclosed mall by 2000, many people still fondly remember Signal Hills Shopping Center.
Water tower and art shapes walking in the Explore West St. Paul Days parade.
Explore West St. Paul Days parade in 2022 (Photo by Sam Amundson)

More Questions

What else do you want to know? We’re happy to answer questions.

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Fall leaves at Thompson Lake in West St. Paul
Fall in Thompson Park