Bike rack at West St. Paul city hall

How West St. Paul City Hall Got a Bike Rack

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West St. Paul’s city hall has a new bike rack. And you can thank the chair of the Committee of Adjustments, Morgan Kavanaugh.

Last year the city had plans to resurface and expand their parking lot. The expansion required a variance, so like anyone else the city had to come before the Committee of Adjustments to get their variance. The committee can add “reasonable conditions of approval,” so at the February 2018 meeting Kavanaugh suggested the city be required to add a bike rack, something the committee has required of nearly every site plan they’ve reviewed.

The committee approved the variance, with the bike rack requirement, 5-0.

The city recently installed the new bike rack. It’s already seen use: Residents have biked to the recent May 28 and June 10 city council meetings and used the bike rack.

“I think it was a creative way to bring at least some level of bike infrastructure that has been lacking at city hall.”

-Morgan Kavanaugh
The city hall bike rack in use at a recent city council meeting.

Just the One?

Admittedly, it’s kind of a sad, lone bike rack.

City staff chose the current installation based on recent demand, though if demand increases it could be expanded in the future.

It may be a small step forward, but it’s important for the city to be doing something, especially given the goal of the city’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan to “encourage alternate modes of transportation including public transit,
walking, and biking.”

Too bad it had to come as a requirement and not a proactive measure. But hey, we’ll take it.

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