West St. Paul costume contest

2019 Halloween Extravaganza at Harmon Park

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Last night we had a table at the West St. Paul Halloween Extravaganza at Harmon Park to hand out candy and say hello to neighbors. We had a lot of fun, and in addition to free candy we gave people an opportunity to vote.

We asked, What’s your favorite thing to do in West St. Paul?

We offered seven choices and a write-in option in our highly unscientific poll, and here are the results:

  1. Tacos
  2. Splash Pad
  3. Friends & Neighbors
  4. Dodge Nature Center
  5. Wentworth Library
  6. Local Businesses
  7. Neighbors Page on Facebook

Tacos and the splash pad were neck and neck for much of the night, but in the end tacos pulled ahead (check out our taco tour of West St. Paul). It’s also pretty heart-warming to see friends & neighbors do so well.

Speaking of heart-warming, we had a few write-in votes:

The write-in votes: ‘Doing community service,’ ‘writing,’ ‘disc golf,’ ‘baseball,’ and ‘be a good friends.’

With free hot dogs, trick or treating, a costume contest, bonfire, and more, everyone had a lot of fun. We even joined in with our own costume, which apparently wasn’t as obvious as we thought it was (the West St. Paul dome!).

Don’t forget that there are still a few Halloween events in West St. Paul, including pumpkin composting on Saturday.

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