Sign: No dogs on the field per city code"

2001: Dogs & Beer in City Parks

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On Feb. 12, 2001, the West St. Paul City Council voted to allow beer and dogs into city parks.

Prior to the ordinance change, only 3.2% beer was allowed without a special permit. Now any kind of beer is allowed in cans or plastic bottles (no glass) when parks are open.

Before this change, dogs were actually banned in city parks. Not that the law was ever enforced.

“It’s hard for our police officers to go out and kick people out of the park for walking their dogs,” then Parks and Recreation Director Paul Hokeness said in a Sun article. “They’ve got higher priority things to do.”

The ordinance does require dogs to be licensed, on a leash, and for owners to pick up after them. Dogs are also not allowed in buildings or pools, or on skating rinks, golf courses, or athletic fields.

The Parks and Recreation Director can also ban you and your dog from the park if you don’t follow the rules.

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