Rose Slomba and West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier

Rose Slomba Day

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The City of West St. Paul officially recognizes today, Feb. 29, 2020, as Rose Slomba Day, in honor of Slomba’s 100th birthday and 25th Leap Day birthday.

Rose Mary Sessanna was born in New York on Feb. 29, 1920. She married her husband, Frank Slomba, in 1943 and they moved to St. Paul after his service in World War II. Rose and Frank lived in Florida for many years until Frank passed away in 2002. Rose moved to West St. Paul in 2016 to be closer to her daughter. Rose Slomba has two daughters, four grandkids, and seven great-grandkids.

“I just like to keep going.”

Rose Slomba

Staying Active

“Go play golf, golf is wonderful,” Slomba said. “It gives you exercise and you can always have a drink after you’re done.”

Rose and Frank were big golfers and members of the Mendakota Country Club. Rose continued to golf, winning tournaments into her 90s.

“I just like to keep going,” Slomba said. “I was never laying around, I wanted to do something.” She did her own yard work until the age of 96. Her daughter credits Rose’s longevity with staying active, whether it was golf, yard work, or cleaning around the house.

Loving People

“I love everybody, I love people,” Slomba said. She’s always been a people person and enjoyed cooking for people and playing games, whether it’s golf or cards.

Slomba also loves Minnesota and passed that love on to her grandkids and great-grand kids.

“I love it here, and the people are so wonderful,” she said.

Official Proclamation

West St. Paul Mayor Dave Napier stopped by to wish Slomba a happy birthday and talk with her. He presented her with the framed proclamation for Rose Slomba Day.

“This is a special moment—every birthday is special, but 100 years is quite an accomplishment,” Napier said.

Left to right: Rose Slomba’s daughter, Rosemary, holding the proclamation, Mayor Dave Napier, and Rose Slomba herself.

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