West St. Paul council chambers in coloring book format

West St. Paul Coloring Book

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With the ongoing shutdown from coronavirus, everyone is home from school, events are cancelled, restaurants are closed, and there are no large gatherings. Tonight’s West St. Paul City Council meeting will be virtual.

So here’s something to do: color.

West St. Paul Reader is proud to present our first coloring book:

Download it now and color yourself into the city council chambers.

We’ve got three scenes from around West St. Paul:

  • The West St. Paul water tower
  • The Pride in the Park picnic
  • The city council chambers at city hall

Whether you’re young or old, you can do some coloring. You can even draw yourself into the scenes, whether you want to scale the water tower or be mayor.

We’d love to see your finished work, so feel free to send them to us or post them social media. But whatever you do, just have fun.

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