West St. Paul Reflections, illustrated by Carolyn Swiszcz

West St. Paul Reflections: Sitting in the Front Yard

Thanks to Amore Coffee for their support.

Council Member Lisa Eng-Sarne recently encouraged people to sit outside, but not hide in the backyard, sit in the front yard so we can see our neighbors during this time of isolation and quarantine. 

So last night I dragged a lawn chair into the front yard. Not a single car passed. I watched the squirrels. I realized three of my neighbors are nurses. I hope they’re doing OK.

Sitting there reminded me of my grandpa. He liked to sit outside, probably to smoke, but I just remember him sitting in the yard, staring off into the distance. It’s calming and peaceful. Sure beats doom scrolling on social media.

Stay healthy and stay hopeful West St. Paul.

If you enjoy the illustrated version of me, it’s by local West St. Paul artist Carolyn Swiszcz as part of our Better Politics, Please project on Kickstarter.

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