Harmon Park Splash Pad

COVID-19 Openings in West St. Paul: Playgrounds Yes, Splash Pad No for 2020

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June 18, 2020 Update: In a reversal, the city announced the splash pad will be open for limited hours this summer.

With Governor Tim Walz announcing a slow reopening in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of West St. Paul announced openings starting on Monday, May 18. City buildings and facilities will mostly remain closed until further notice. But parks and some sports fields will begin opening.

What’s Open

  • Playgrounds will open, but structures have not been disinfected and social distancing must be maintained. Use at your own risk.
  • Soccer fields will open, but social distancing must be maintained.
  • Some basketball hoops will open, but again, maintain social distancing.
  • Baseball and softball will be open for casual play on June 1. Organized teams will need to file a safety plan with the city (as noted in a recent City Council meeting).
  • The ice arena and sports dome will reopen with heavy restrictions in June, though organized teams will need a safety plan. There will likely be no open ice or dome time in the near future.

What’s Closed

  • City Hall will remain closed, which means virtual meetings will continue until further notice.
  • The public pool will remain closed.
  • The splash pad at Harmon Park will remain closed for the entire 2020 season. Given the crowds that gather on warm summer days, it’s unlikely social distancing could be maintained. This is in line with other local water parks.

See the full announcement for the complete list.

Local Businesses

Local retail stores and other businesses can begin opening on Monday as well, though there are capacity limits and social distancing must be maintained.

Bars, restaurants, and salons/barbers will likely be allowed to open on June 1, also with capacity limits and other restrictions.

But that doesn’t mean we’re back to normal or every business will open. Contact local businesses to get specific details.

Stay Safe

While some openings are happening, there’s still a need for caution. The city announcement notes:

“Although restrictions are beginning to loosen, the danger of this pandemic is still very real. We will continue to see increased cases and need the entire community to take measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.”

The governor is still urging precautions:

  • No gatherings of more than 10 people.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Wash your hands.
  • The elderly and people with underlying health conditions are still encouraged to stay home.
  • Stay home if you can. Governor Walz’s executive order states: “Any worker who can work from home must do so.”

Stay healthy and stay hopeful West St. Paul.

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