Edgar Herrera's Black Lives Matter yard sign

West St. Paul Resident Creates Unique Black Lives Matter Yard Sign

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When peaceful protesters took to the streets following the murder of George Floyd, West St. Paul resident Edgar Herrera joined them. But he made his own Black Lives Matter sign that’s drawing attention.

Making the Protest Sign

“I made the sign to show love and support because that’s what we should do when people need help.” Herrera said.

The sign features a number of Black heroes and cultural icons.

Black Lives Matter sign by Edgar Herrera

“Most of them are role models in my eyes who have show us the way to do things in ways people will listen,” Herrera says. “They spoke from the heart about struggles people were going through and help unite them to do things right.”

Herrera describes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, Malcolm X’s admonition to stand up to bullies, and Tupac Shakur uniting people with music.

Herrera recently visited the George Floyd memorial at 38th and Chicago in Minneapolis. He had the opportunity to meet Floyd’s nephew, Cortez Rice, and gave Rice one of the Black Lives Matter signs to pass along to Floyd’s daughter. Cortez thought she’d like it. Herrera grew up in that area, so it has special significance for him.

Herrera drew this picture after reflecting on his experience at the memorial:

RIP George Floyd drawing by Edgar Herrera

Get It as a Yard Sign

So many people responded to Herrera’s Black Lives Matter protest sign that it’s now available as a yard sign.

You can order a copy through Herrera’s Facebook page, Edgar’s Doodles.

All proceeds from the signs will go to Black-focused organizations such as Black Lives Matter, bail relief funds, Equal Justice Initiative, and Residents of Color Collective.

Willing to Help

Herrera has lived in West St. Paul since 2008. He’s a stay-at-home dad with four kids.

“I’m just willing to help in whatever way I can because that’s what we need to do in times of need,” Herrera says.

Edgar Herrera with his Black Lives Matter sign.
Herrera protesting with his Black Lives Matter sign at the corner of Butler and Robert in West St. Paul.

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