Tii Cup new bob and Taiwanese street food location in West St. Paul

When Does Tii Cup Open?

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A new restaurant is going into the empty space next to Caribou Coffee on Robert Street and Orme. Tii Cup is a local, family-owned business that started in 2011 and has locations in Brooklyn Park, Burnsville, Richfield, Roseville, and Woodbury. They plan to open their West St. Paul location sometime in the second half of October December. Tii Cup is now open.

Tii Cup offers boba and Taiwanese street food. What’s that?

  • Boba (or bubble tea) is a Taiwanese drink that includes toppings, from cassava starch balls to sweet and fruity jellies. They can also include milk and even slushies. In short, it’s a whole line of delectable drinks (seriously, check out their drink menu). Thrillist offers a more helpful primer on boba.
  • Taiwanese street food is on-the-go snacks that pair well with the drinks. Tii Cup serves Taiwanese popcorn chicken, crispy calamari, and tofu squares. They also have bubble waffles and shaved snow.

Until they open in late October you can visit their mouth-watering Instagram (or go hit up one of those other locations for a preview of what’s coming—though word to the wise, only the Brooklyn Park and Richfield locations currently have street food.)

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