Free Zine Kit

Free ‘Make a Zine’ Kits at Amore Coffee

Thanks to Amore Coffee for their support.

Local artist Carolyn Swiszcz is finishing off her West St. Paul zine project with a do-it-yourself ‘make a zine’ workshop. What’s a zine? It’s a small, self-published booklet. Swiszcz has created a take-home ‘make a zine’ kit that shows you how to make your own zine. The free packets will be available at Amore Coffee starting today.

“Zines are a very friendly and welcoming form of communication,” says Carolyn Swiszcz. “It’s something that all ages and abilities can try. Anyone can write down a story or thought in the same way they might tell it to a friend, and find a simple way to put images with it, and share it with others.”

Make a Zine directions by Carolyn Swiszcz
Take a look at the DIY zine directions from Carolyn Swiszcz.

In addition, Swiszcz is encouraging people to share their zines. There will be a ‘community zines’ box at Amore where you can submit your zine. Swiszcz will make copies and then make them publicly available.

“The zine aesthetic leaves a lot of room for imperfection and that ‘no pressure’ approach unlocks my creativity,” says Swiszcz. “I have a lot of fun. I have made many new friends though zines.”

With the cold temperatures and continued COVID-19 restrictions, it’s an ideal activity to take home and be creative. Each workshop kit includes directions and some sample zines to inspire you. For more inspiration, watch the online artist talk with Swiszcz where she reads one of her West St. Paul zines.

For more zine fun, subscribe to Zebra Cat Zebra, the regular zine from Swiszcz, through her site or on Etsy.

We’re able to share local artists with your support.

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