Katy Has Two Grampas launch party

West St. Paul Author Launches ‘Katy Has Two Grampas’ Children’s Book

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The children’s book Katy Has Two Grampas officially releases on March 1. Written by West St. Paul resident Julie Schanke Lyford with her father, Robert Schanke, the book tells the true story of Lyford’s daughter trying to explain her family to her first-grade class.

The clear depiction and celebration of gay grandfathers in a children’s book is ground breaking.

Katy Has Two Grampas cover

“We owned every book there was on diverse families, but there was nothing out there to show them theirs,” Lyford said in a Star Tribune article.

Lyford and her family are holding a virtual launch party on Sunday, February 28 at 7 p.m. The festivities include meeting the authors and characters, a behind the scenes look, a reading, and Q&A.

Birthed during the pandemic, the book had a successful Kickstarter campaign and a Pride Stone Scavenger Hunt last summer. We talked with Lyford then about the book’s unique story:

“What’s surprising is that our book will be the first to use the word gay and make it clear the grandpas are married. Not just hinting at it. We are proud to be bringing the story to life.”

Julie Schanke Lyford

You can buy the book online (use the code “localdelivery” for free shipping) or at Amore Coffee in West St. Paul and Mischief Toy Store in St. Paul.

We can tell local stories thanks to your support.

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