Bobby and Steve's Auto World in West St. Paul

What’s Happening at Bobby and Steve’s Auto World?

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With eight metro locations, the West St. Paul Bobby and Steve’s Auto World is about to be the newest of the bunch. The tire and auto repair company has plans to demolish their existing building at the corner of Robert and Marie and construct a brand new, two-story facility with eight auto repair stalls, car wash, gas pumps, and convenience store.

The two-story construction means the building will have a unique automotive lift to get vehicles up to the second story for repair. It’s a big step up from their current facility, originally built in 1969.

Construction plans include adding a sidewalk along the south side of the property on Marie Avenue.

Work is expected to begin in the summer of 2021.

Bobby and Steve's Auto World in West St. Paul

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  1. They are the nicest guys. It is always a pleasure to go there. So glad they are doing well. A great addition to WSP

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