'Welcome to West St. Paul' sign

No Cash for Clicks: We’re Supported by Readers Like You

West St. Paul Reader is supported by readers like you. The majority of our support comes from ongoing members on Patreon. They pay a few bucks a month (or annually), and feel good about helping their neighbors know what’s happening.

While we do run a few ads, they’re almost all from local companies and they all believe in supporting the local community.

None of our ads are pay per click. That means we’re not driven by traffic. We have no incentive to chase clicks. So we don’t do sensational stories or controversy for the sake of controversy.

That means we can do human interest stories that don’t drive revenue. The story about the new Burger King may be get more clicks than a West St. Paul author featured in the New York Times, but we’ll still cover both stories.

We don’t do spammy ads designed to trick you. No targeted ads that magically seem to know what you’ve been browsing. We don’t cash in on clicks.

Instead, we’re motivated by keeping the community informed. It’s like talking to a neighbor over the fence about what’s happening around town.

Sound refreshing? We think so.

Join your neighbors on Patreon and support local news.

(If recurring support isn’t your thing, you can also make a one-time donation.)

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