Black Lives Matter

Aftermath of Daunte Wright Killing Hits West St. Paul

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In response to the police shooting of Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center and the resulting unrest, cities and counties across the Twin Cities have issued a curfew starting at 7 p.m. While initially limited to Anoka, Hennepin, and Ramsey Counties, the curfews now include parts of Dakota County and West St. Paul.

Tonight’s West St. Paul City Council meeting will include approval of an emergency declaration and other business will be continued to a future meeting. The West St. Paul Police Department hasn’t received specific threats, but there are concerns, and a small National Guard presence will be deployed in West St. Paul.

Coming in the midst of the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer who killed George Floyd last June, Wright’s death and the immediate aftermath has eerily similar parallels. Last June there were several days of random looting as well as peaceful protest here in West St. Paul. The West St. Paul Police Department also reviewed their use of force policy last summer, noting how West St. Paul bans choke holds and has a duty to intercede policy.

If you’re interested in offering help, here are a few potential avenues:

  • Official GoFundMe for the family of Daunte Wright.
  • The Sahan Journal has a detailed list of how to help, including donating supplies in the wake of grocery stores closing, supporting businesses, and connecting with neighbors.
  • Locally, the Residents of Color Collective is an organization that has organized food drives and protests. While they don’t have anything organized right now, they’re a good organization to follow and support.

5:04 p.m. April 12 Update: Official Word

Here’s the city’s official announcement about the emergency declaration and curfew.

April 13, 2021 Update: All Quiet

  • 2:34 p.m.: There will be no curfew tonight, according to West St. Paul Police Chief Brian Sturgeon.
  • 9:45 a.m.: According to West St. Paul Police, there were no incidents in West St. Paul during last night’s curfew.

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