West St. Paul postcard featuring the artwork of Sarah Lew

New West St. Paul Postcard for Supporters

May marks the two-year anniversary of hyper-local news from West St. Paul Reader. To celebrate, we commissioned local artist Sarah Lew to create this exclusive West St. Paul postcard.

Lew’s bold and colorful work is titled “The Road Home” and features the familiar outline of West St. Paul (complete with 40 Acres at the top) and highlights some of our major streets. We interviewed Lew earlier this year about her #100Circles project.

Thank You

"The Road Home" by Sarah Lew

Local news on West St. Paul Reader exists thanks to folks like you who make monthly or annual member payments through Patreon. Last week we sent postcards to our existing supporters on Patreon to say thank you.

Seriously—thank you. These supporters are helping our neighbors stay informed. We couldn’t do this without their support. It’s thanks to them that we can commission local artists and build West St. Paul pride.

Last year we commissioned local artist Edgar Herrera to create another postcard, making this our second commissioned West St. Paul postcard. We’re really proud of that. Thanks for making it happen!

Want a Copy?

This commissioned work is available as a postcard to new supporters through Patreon. Monthly support begins as low as $3 per month (you can also pay annually and save 5%). In addition to the postcard, supporters get exclusive weekly updates about what’s happening in West St. Paul, discounts, and more.

We rely on steady support to keep West St. Paul Reader viable and help neighbors know what’s going on. Whether it’s election coverageCity Council recapsanswering questions, or interviewing neighbors, West St. Paul Reader keeps people informed. Thanks for your support.

Learn more about other ways to support West St. Paul Reader.

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