ISD 197 candidate meet and greet at Garlough in West St. Paul

ISD 197 School Board Candidate Meet & Greet

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The parent organizations of Garlough, Moreland, and Heritage hosted a ‘meet the candidates’ event on Saturday, September 25 at Garlough. Eight of 10 candidates showed up (one has dropped out, one didn’t appear) to answer two questions and talk with people.

You can learn more about the candidates in our voter’s guide.

Candidate Questions

(Note: The audio quality of our videos is not the greatest.)

The first question (which was read before this video started) asked what the district is currently doing well. Each candidate has two and a half minutes to answer the question.

The second question asked what is the one area where you see yourself having the most positive impact and what is your plan to achieve that? Each candidate had two and a half minutes to answer.

More info on the candidates and future candidate events are available in our voter’s guide.

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