Anna Stevens, owner of MAMM Couture in West St. Paul

Mamm Couture Clothing Boutique Opens in West St. Paul

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A new clothing boutique in West St. Paul held their grand opening last week, Mamm Couture, a one-stop shop for clothing, accessories, and services including nails and lashes. Located on the corner of Robert Street and Bernard, Mamm Couture specializes in custom birthday outfits for kids. 

“This has been my dream,” said owner Anna Stevens, who makes many of the custom clothes herself. 

Stevens started making clothes for her kids and it blossomed from a hobby into a business. She went from Etsy sales to pop-up shops to now opening her own store.

“They’re the inspiration behind it,” Stevens says, speaking of her four daughters. 

The custom birthday outfits are decked out with shiny rhinestones and colorful patches, often with the birthday child’s name embroidered. The outfits include shirts, tutus or jeans, and shoes.

Mamm Couture owner Anna Stevens and her custom birthday outfits.

Local Roots, Global Reach

“I grew up on the West Side, so it’s cool to have a place on Robert Street.” Stevens said. “Robert Street is a big thing. That’s where everything was growing up here.”

Not only does Stevens have roots in the area, but she now lives in West St. Paul, just a handful of blocks from her shop. She’s joined a tradition of locally owned small businesses on Robert Street that goes back more than a century. 

While Mamm Couture has local roots, it has a worldwide reach with Stevens shipping custom outfits to Dubai, South Africa, the UK, and more.


The opening of Mamm Couture this year almost didn’t happen. Stevens took a trip to Mexico this summer and suffered a concussion after an ATV accident. She needed help taking care of her kids and the concussion impacted her ability to speak. She became depressed and felt like giving up on her dream of opening a store.

Then in late August, just days before Stevens got the keys to her shop, her brother died. She had to push through that and focus on her store.

“He’d be proud of me, he had the entrepreneur mindset,” Stevens said. “I hear his voice, ‘You’re doing it.’ That’s what keeps me going. I feel like he’s with me.”

Taking the next big step with a business is always hard, but Stevens has had it especially rough. But she’s preserved. 

“You can do whatever you set your mind to,” Stevens said. “Trust me, the stuff I’ve been through, you can do a lot.”

A Family Business

Not only does Stevens’ brother inspire her, but she’s sharing the entrepreneurial spirit with her kids. 

Steven’s oldest daughters are 9 and 11 and they make their own homemade lotion and lip gloss. They take it seriously, helping set up at pop-up shops and learning from their mom about reinvesting their profits into their product. 

The family affair goes even deeper as Stevens’ mother makes greeting cards that are sold in the store.

More West St. Paul Shopping

Mamm Couture isn’t alone. Across Bernard is another clothing boutique, Dakota West, that opened earlier this year. Owned by Adrianna Birk, wife of former football pro Matt Birk, Dakota West is more of a pop-up shop that focuses on online sales, but they’re open for shopping and pickups Mondays from noon to 4.

This pair of boutiques, along with Sherry’s Dearest Treasures and OptimismIC Wigs and Gifts, represent a recent trend in specialized retail in West St. Paul, joining longtime staples such as Cardinal Corner, Eclipse Music, Regina’s Candies, and more.

Whether it’s custom, one-of-a-kind clothing, handmade lotion, or other accessories, Mamm Couture—and other shops along Robert Street—might be your go-to spot for holiday shopping this year.

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  1. Way to go Anna…. you did that G!!! ALL THAT!!!! Proud of you and your such a inspiration to me!!! Keep up and keep going.. Love Lissy

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