West St. Paul Reader Yo-yo

West St. Paul Reader Yo-yos

Today is National Yo-yo Day. In celebration, we now have West St. Paul Reader yo-yos available for purchase in our Etsy shop (psst… members save 15%).

Check out the yo-yo in action:

The yo-yos are high quality Duncan Pro-Yos with wooden axles and unscrewable halves for easy access to knots. With the wood axle, the yo-yo’s are good loopers and decent sleepers.

Yo-yo Man?

Kevin D. Hendricks yo-yoing on the streets of Minneapolis for a photo to accompany an article about his street performing. Taken in 2001.

Why a West St. Paul Reader yo-yo? In a prior life, West St. Paul Reader Founder and Editor Kevin D. Hendricks was a professional yo-yo man. He performed throughout high school and during a college summer in Chicago, he spent weekends as a yo-yoing street performer. While he hung up the sting professionally, he still has a fondness for yo-yos, and can often be found killing time between city council meetings with a yo-yo in hand.

Here’s our previous celebration of National Yo-yo Day.

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