Aerial view of Heritage and parking lot with construction in progress.

What’s Happening With the Heritage Parking Lot?

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Construction recently started at the Heritage ESTEM Magnet School parking lot. What’s happening? ISD 197 is repaving a number of parking lots across the district, but Heritage is also getting a redesign to improve safety and traffic flow. The project will add a new parent drop-off loop and redesigned main parking lot.

Plans for Heritage parking lot showing separate drop off lane and parking.

The drop-off loop will be separate from the main parking lot, with an in-only access to the main lot from the loop. The existing bus loop and visitor parking areas will remain the same.

The project should finish this summer. Heritage is used as a polling location and the hope is to be done before the August 9 primary, though if not the north lot near Harmon will be used for parking.

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