2022 Primary Voter's Guide

Printable Voter’s Guide for the 2022 Primary Election

Local election coverage only happens with your support.

In addition to our 2022 primary election voter’s guide for local races, we’ve added a printable voter’s guide. Our hope is this at-a-glance chart of the local races can help you narrow your choices and be a starting point for your candidate research.

2022 Primary Voter's Guide

Download the chart, print it, share it, use it. Remember to vote on Tuesday, August 9.

Get More Info

This printable voter’s guide is just a summary of candidate positions. For full responses and more details, be sure to check out our detailed voter’s guide, with more info on candidates, including links to our candidate questionnaires and other sources. The detailed voter’s guide will be updated through the election with the latest info.

A Word About the Chart

We did our best to include important issues in the chart. Unfortunately, few questions have simple answers that fit in a chart. We did ask a series of yes or no questions trying to establish a baseline for some issues of broad significance. But still, it hardly scratches the surface. For more detailed and nuanced responses, see our full election coverage.

If you have questions about a candidate’s position, we encourage you to contact the candidate directly.

This kind of local election coverage only happens thanks to our generous supporters. Consider joining them with monthly or annual support through Patreon and help keep your community informed.


    1. Lyn: This our primary voter’s guide and there is no primary for District 53 (south of Emerson), in either the state House or state Senate. We will cover those races (as well as all the West St. Paul City Council races) in our voter’s guide for the general election, but that won’t come out until after the primary.

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