West St. Paul City Council Member Wendy Berry

Wendy Berry: Community Without a Community Center

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Over the years people have pushed for a community center in West St. Paul, but at a recent meeting one council member spoke about community happening with or without a building.

“We talk about this community center that we all want, and that’s walls. And that’s great. But we have so many other places and you just have to go out and find them and it’s not hard—it’s everywhere in West St. Paul. So I’m just filled with a lot of love for our community over the past couple of weeks and I just want to remind people to look for it because it’s out there. We’re going to hear from Dakota County Library and they also foster community in ways we don’t know about and I’m sure Jade will tell us about it. All these different places are already here and we don’t have to think so hard about that imaginary building we all have locked away in our heads because there are different ways to celebrate our community, it’s offering to pick up in a park, it’s having a birthday party in a park, it’s all these other things we can do without a building—and I’m off my soapbox now, thank you.”

Wendy Berry

The comments from Council Member Wendy Berry came during the July 11, 2022 West St. Paul City Council meeting. She had just finished talking about the recent WSP Pride, a COPS in the Park event, and on the heals of citizen comments volunteering to clean up trash in a local park. She also alluded to a coming presentation from Wentworth Library Branch Manager Jade Cabagnot.

Is a Community Center in the Works?

There are conversations happening with potential partners to explore the possibility and gauge community demand, both from an operational and financial perspective. It’s very preliminary with nothing more to report at this time.

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