Jameson's Irish Bar

Matt Birk Burger War Comes to West St. Paul

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A burger-naming controversy has come to West St. Paul as local restaurant Jameson’s Irish Bar wades into a political fight.

It started after former Minnesota Vikings player and GOP lieutenant governor candidate Matt Birk made national headlines with his comments about abortion. The ensuing drama led St. Paul restaurants The Nook and Shamrocks to remove their “Matt Birk Burger” from the menu. Owner Mike Runyon explained, “We always say no politics in bars and restaurants.”

Now West St. Paul’s Jameson’s has announced plans to create a Matt Birk burger. Owner Brian Rubenzer said the plan was in the works before the announcement from The Nook/Shamrocks.

“A lot of people stopped going to restaurants. That’s when [Birk] shined through and his wife shined through and whatever they could, they helped us out,” Rubenzer told the conservative AlphaNews. “That was my most difficult time, you know? So I appreciate that. So I’d say in his most difficult time I want to do the same for him.”

“Everything has to be political. I mean, now hamburgers are political.” Birk said. “Maybe the Matt Birk Burger will be so good that it can bring people from both sides of the aisle together,” he said.

Jameson’s plans to roll out the new burger on August 7. Birk says he’ll be there.

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  1. You say you don’t want to become political, but you just became political when you took the hamburger off the menu because of a political comment he made. And guess what side of the debate that places you on?

  2. Exactly, Robert! Soooooo incredibly disappointed in the owners of The Nook and Shamrocks. They know better. We will take our business elsewhere, sadly.

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