2022 election ballot

Unofficial Results for the 2022 Election in West St. Paul

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Former West St. Paul City Council Member Pat Armon regains a seat on Council, Joe Atkins repeats his primary landslide as Dakota County commissioner, and incumbent Kathy Keena wins the first contested race since 1994 to retain her spot as Dakota County attorney. No surprises in the legislative races, with DFL candidates winning all four seats to represent West St. Paul.

West St. Paul Election Results:

Candidate:Vote Totals:Percentage:
Dave Napier6,56997.52%
Ward 1 City Council:
Pat Armon1,18959.01%
Kimetha “KaeJae” Johnson80940.15%
Ward 2 City Council:
John Justen1,66097.65%
Ward 3 City Council:
Wendy Berry2,16266.71%
Jake Nelson1,04332.18%

Dakota County Election Results

Candidate:Vote Totals:Percentage:
County Attorney:
Kathy Keena84,52051.52%
Matt Little78,84748.06%
County Sheriff:
Joe Leko133,31098.78%
County Commissioner District 2:
Joe Atkins18,12270.81%
Jimmy Francis7,35228.73%

Minnesota Legislature Election Results

Candidate:Vote Totals:Percentage:
House District 53A:
Mary Frances Clardy10,77754.51%
Brent Jacobson7853.97%
Todd Kruse8,18841.41%
Senate District 53
Matt Klein21,50158.24%
Chris Rausch15,37441.64%
House District 65B
Kevin Fjelsted3,24721.33%
María Isa11,95581.14%
Senate District 65
Paul Holmgren4,96019.65%
Sandy Pappas20,22880.12%

Thank you to the candidates for running and to West St. Paul citizens for voting.

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