Meet a Member: Connye LaCombe

Meet a Member: Connye LaCombe

We’re saying hello to some of our neighbors during our member drive, meeting folks who support West St. Paul Reader. Today we’re meeting Connye LaCombe, a retired teacher who has lived in West St. Paul since 1994. She’s been a member of West St. Paul Reader since August.

West St. Paul Love

What do you love about West St. Paul?

Community, parks, proximity to the airport, both cities, and the river and access to beautiful drives.

Where is your favorite place in West St. Paul?

Mud Lake Park because I get to watch the birds and wildlife that frequent the park. Thompson Park would come in second for the lovely wooded walks and the classes offered.

What’s your go-to West St. Paul eatery? 

This is hard because I have not had a bad experience at any of the places I’ve gone to (that are still here). It depends on what I’m hungry for but 5-8 ranks right up there. I also appreciate Dunhams as being community minded and Number 1 China for super fast (and good) take out.

What is West St. Paul’s best kept secret?

Thompson Park

What do you wish people knew about West St. Paul?

The community is very supportive. When there has been a need, a post on Facebook’s Neighbor page is all it takes. Most people are willing to help.

Why did you move to West St. Paul?

We needed a single story house close to St. Paul and the taxes were reasonable.

Being a West St. Paul Reader Member

Why did you decide to become a member and support West St. Paul Reader?

I appreciate having the information about the community that it provides. It has interesting articles and keeps me apprised of what is going on.

What’s your favorite West St. Paul Reader story?

I like the stories about the history of the city.

Be a Member

You can join Connye and support West St. Paul Reader. Membership starts at just $3 per month.

Thanks to Connye for supporting our work and sharing her story.

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