Betty’s Kitchen: New Ethiopian Restaurant Opens in West St. Paul

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A new sit-down restaurant is bringing a mix of American and Ethiopian food to West St. Paul. Located in the former dance studio space at 1049 Dodd Road, Betty’s Kitchen will open on February 1.

“We wanted to open a restaurant because we love eating out,” said Bethlehem Woledemeskel, who will manage the restaurant. “It’s my husband’s dream.” Her husband, Yidnekachew Berta, will be one of the cooks.

“I don’t want to always cook the same thing,” Yidnekachew said. “I want to try new things.”

That includes combinations of American and Ethiopian flavors, including waffles for breakfast, sambosa appetizers, kitfo, stew, vegetarian options, and more.


  • Betty’s Kitchen will be open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • They plan to host traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies once a week.
  • Carryout and delivery with Door Dash.
  • Still in the process of getting their liquor license, but they hope to serve beer and wine.

“We’ve been working to make the place look good and comfortable, thinking about the menu so we can provide variety,” Bethlehem said. “Yeah, it’s very exciting.”

They also have a VIP room that can be reserved and a kids’ room.

“We have kids, so when we go places to eat we just want a place that’s OK for kids,” Bethlehem said. “So we want to provide the same thing, we want to be a place that’s comfortable for kids and something parents will be comfortable taking their kids to.”

Bethlehem and Yidnekachew have three kids, ranging from 10 months to 7 years old. “They saw all the progress and they’re very excited,” Bethlehem said.


Bethlehem and Yidnekachew came to Minnesota 10 years ago from Ethiopia looking for more opportunities.

“It’s cold, but I love Minnesota,” Bethlehem said. “It’s good.”

In addition to Betty’s Kitchen, they also run Intoto Ethiopian Market & Takeout in Rosemount and make injera to sell in other markets.

“We always wanted to have our own business,” Bethlehem said. They had been thinking about opening a restaurant for a couple of years, but the process in this space started last June. A friend owns the building and leases the space.

Ghenet’s Bakery

That friend is Ghenet Bitsuamlak, who runs Ghenet’s Bakery out of the same space. Even before Betty’s Kitchen opened, that delightful smell in the neighborhood was thanks to Ghenet. She makes hambasha bread that’s sold at a number of markets around the Twin Cities, including:

  • Holy Land Deli
  • Ashama Grocery and Meat Market in St. Paul
  • Shabelle Ethiopian Grocery in Minneapolis
  • Safari Grocery Store in Minneapolis
  • Ebenezer Ethiopia Market in Burnsville
  • Bethlehem and Yidnekachew’s Intoto in Rosemount

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  1. This is the best news. Welcome to WSP! I love injera and other Ethiopian foods. So delicious. Will be there early February to check it out.

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