Moreland students doing random acts of kindness.

Kindness Fundraiser Returns to Moreland: “Kindness Is Our Superpower!”

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Kindness is back at Moreland Arts and Health Sciences Magnet School in West St. Paul as students take on community service projects and acts of kindness in their second annual Raise Craze fundraiser. Last year’s effort raised $20,000 and students performed 2,684 acts of kindness. You can donate now to support this year’s effort.

“I still hear students talk about the acts of kindness they did last year,” Moreland Principal Mark Quinn said. “One of the biggest things from last year was how the acts of kindness spread to our community. Community and business saw the kind things our students did and then did things themselves to pay it forward or match their donations. It truly turned into a community event.”

2023 Kindness

The goal for this year’s event is $30,000 and 2,700 acts of kindness. The money will support Moreland’s mural project, residency programming, and the free events they put on throughout the year. 

This year’s event has a superhero theme: “Kindness is our superpower!”

  • February 13:  Kick-off Party
    The fundraiser starts with an all-school kick-off party in the gym.
  • February 18: Friendship Sledding Party
    Students are encouraged to invite a new friend to outdoor winter fun on the Moreland playground starting at 10 a.m. There will be sledding, s’mores, snowmen, decorating the buddy bench, and more
  • February 23 & 28: Family Service Nights
    In coordination with conferences, Moreland will host a service night that will include writing thank you notes, decorating grocery bags for Oxendales, making friendship bracelets, etc. 
  • March 2: Cereal Drive
    A cereal drive for Neighbors Inc. will culminate in a cereal box domino run through the school hallway (see last year’s domino run).
  • March 3: Superhero Dance Party
     If they meet their goal of 2,700 acts of kindness, they’ll host a school-wide super hero dance party in Moreland’s gym. 

The Impact of Kindness

“Many parents commented how heartwarming it was to see their kids thinking of ways to help around the house and in their community,” said Moreland PTA Vice President Lindsay Bjerke. “All were very happy that their kids weren’t asked to sell anything, nor did they come home with plastic ‘landfill’ toys as incentives for fundraising.”

Example: Last year Moreland students decorated grocery bags to be used at Oxendale’s to spread happiness and simply make shoppers smile. One woman loved it so much she wrote a personal thank you to each student who created a bag she received and made a donation in each student’s name.

“It was a great example of the ripple effect these acts of kindness have in the community and we were so touched that this community member reached out,” said Bjerke. “It’s what makes this event special for the kids and our school.”

Why Kindness Works Better

In addition to the organized events, students are encouraged to do acts of kindness on their own. The kindness fundraiser has several advantages over traditional fundraisers where students are selling products:

  • Instead of being selfishly motivated to win a prize, kids are motivated by serving others and earning group, activity-based prizes.
  • Families can be involved together instead of kids doing it on their own (or worse, parents doing it for them).
  • It’s more inclusive as kids can participate whether or not they’re able to bring in donations.

“Ultimately, it was a community approach to fundraising,” Quinn said.

How to Donate

You can participate by supporting any of the above events or donating online to the general Moreland fund. Each student can also set up their own fundraising page and share individual links or QR codes.

Local businesses interested in partnering can contact the Moreland PTA.

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