Lisa Eng-Sarne making a hit in a roller derby bout.

WSP City Council Member: “I Love Hitting People”

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West St. Paul City Council Member Lisa Eng-Sarne is featured in a documentary about Minnesota Roller Derby that premiered this weekend at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival.

“I love hitting people,” Eng-Sarne told CBS News last week.

  • Film: Minnesota Mean chronicles the Minnesota Roller Girls in their quest for the Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby championship.
  • 11: Number of years Eng-Sarne skated with the Minnesota Roller Derby under the moniker “Diamond Rough.”
  • Retired: Eng-Sarne retired from roller derby in 2019 when she was appointed to the West St. Paul City Council (she was later elected in 2020).
Lisa Eng-Sarne

“I’m tough, and that’s my reputation on the track. But I have a big heart, and I care a lot.”

Lisa Eng-Sarne (Jan. 17, 2019 Pioneer Press)

More West St. Paul

Eng-Sarne isn’t the only West St. Paul resident in Minnesota Mean. The documentary frequently features a shirtless Chad Eng, Lisa’s partner, who is a loud and proud fan.

  • Stick around for the credits for a special body makeup how-to from Chad.
  • Always supportive, Chad also frequently appears at West St. Paul City Council meetings to cheer on Lisa—though not quite as loud and usually without the body paint.

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