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Local Author Launches Second Book With an Animal Adventure

Thanks to Clover Montessori School, Dakota County, and Southview Animal Hospital for their support.

Award-winning local author Julie Schanke Lyford is raising support for her newest children’s book, Adi’s Animal Adventure, on Kickstarter. The book features her oldest child, Adi, and their passion for teaching others about animals. 

The Kickstarter goal is to raise $8,000 by May 2. 

Bonus: 5% of presales will be donated to Heritage E-STEM Middle School’s Marine Team for a 40-gallon jellyfish tank. “We’re currently at $300 and hope to raise $1,000,” Schanke Lyford said.

What’s it about? Adi’s Animal Adventure is a children’s story book that follows Adi, a non-binary middle school student, as they tend to the school’s animals and share fun information about each creature along the way. 

Why non-binary?  “To show children and those reading with them that non-binary kiddos are just like all the children they go to school with,” Schanke Lyford said. 

Why is Schanke Lyford writing Adi’s Animal Adventure

  • “My children thrived at Heritage and loved the unique learning opportunity presented by all the critters and marine life at the school,” Schanke Lyford said. 
  • Schanke Lyford’s first book, “Katy Has Two Gramndpas,” featured her younger daughter, Katy, so she wanted her second book to feature her older child, Adi. Adi’s passion for animals was a huge inspiration for Schanke Lyford as well. 
  • “This seemed like the perfect way to educate and entertain readers,” said Schanke Lyford. “We have a story but we also have true facts mixed in throughout the book.”

What has the writing process been like?

  • “It’s crazy. I come up with the story ideas and then have to ‘translate’ them to my illustrator who helps to make them come alive,” said Schanke Lyford. “Then as she sketches we discuss things that need to be changed, updated etc.” 
  •  Julie says the whole process from concept to printed copy takes about two years. 

When will the book come out?  With the uncontrollable nature of the printing process, Schanke Lyford hopes to have the book printed by November with packaging and delivery taking place as soon as possible after that. Supporters on Kickstarter will get any updates if delays occur.  

How can you support the project? You can get more information and back Adi’s Animal Adventure on Kickstarter. You can select from a variety of pledge levels all with different rewards from signed copies to fun stickers.

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