"Blooming Spring at Kennedy Park by Gabby Mae postcard.

Celebrating With Kennedy Park Postcard

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we commissioned local West St. Paul artist Gabby Mae to create a new postcard. “Blooming Spring at Kennedy Park” is just in time for spring and features the classic West St. Paul park sign from Kennedy Park, the Forty Acres neighborhood park named for James Kennedy.

How to get one: We sent copies to all our members. If you’d like a postcard, become a member.

How many postcards: This is the 10th postcard we’ve commissioned to highlight West St. Paul, featuring the work of local artists.

"Blooming Spring at Kennedy Park" painting by Gabby Mae.

About the Artist

Local artist Gabby Mae is a student by day and painter by night. She’s pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy. She recently hosted a show at Amore Coffee.

“Through my art, I want to show the world in brighter colors than the world I was brought up in without hiding from the dark moments.”

Gabby Mae

About West St. Paul Reader & Postcards

Started in 2019, West St. Paul Reader offers neighborhood news, supported by neighbors. We commissioned local artists to create postcards to say thank you to our supporters. Join now to get our latest postcard and support our work.

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