Pedestrians Struck on Robert Street, Minor Injuries

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Two teenage pedestrians were struck by a car Wednesday night at about 9:15 while crossing Robert Street at Moreland. They were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The driver, an 80-year-old male according to West St. Paul Police, was turning right onto Robert Street and apparently hit the pedestrians in the crosswalk. Police are continuing to investigate the accident.

According to to the West St. Paul Police, 2019 has seen 17 pedestrian or bicycle accidents so far this year. 2018 had 8 all year.

An MPR story from earlier this year reported pedestrian crashes are up in recent years. 75% of pedestrian crashes occur after dark, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association.

Be safe out there. Remember, drivers must always yield to pedestrians.

Update (Oct. 30, 2019): A week after this incident, another pedestrian was killed. Learn more about how we can improve safety in West St. Paul.

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