Former Chuck E. Cheese building on Robert Street

What’s happening with AutoZone and Chuck E. Cheese?

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AutoZone is moving into the former Chuck E. Cheese space on Robert Street. The auto parts store is making way for the coming Robert Street tunnel, which will include shifting Crawford Drive north into the current AutoZone parking lot.

AutoZone plans to remain in their current location through October 2020.

AutoZone’s relocation was dependent on a zoning change, which the Planning Commission approved on November 19 and was passed by the City Council on November 25.

Ready for some nerdy zoning insights? Previously, auto parts stores were only allowed in the B4 district, which limits them to shopping centers and strip malls (the majority of the current stores pre-dated this zoning change). This change was made in 2008 in an attempt to limit the number of automobile related businesses—a move that doesn’t seem to have been necessary. The new zoning change will allow auto parts stores in stand-alone buildings.

Chuck E. Cheese closed earlier this fall due to declining business.

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