1. This price seems rather steep for a t-shirt.
    Where are the proceeds going? It is it split between the women list? Going toward a She Should Run? Or another woman group?

    1. The price for the shirts is set by Zazzle—frankly they seem pretty reasonable for print-on-demand shirts. The v-neck is $27, so maybe that one’s a little pricey, but the others are in line. Plus they seem to be pitching a 20% off deal right now.

      The proceeds aren’t much. We’re talking about a couple bucks per shirt, and it helps fund West St. Paul Reader. This site is still getting off the ground and trying to be sustainable.

      If you’d like to help support West St. Paul Reader, you can become a patron.

      Perhaps in the future we’ll consider a fundraiser for other causes, but right now we’re doing one for Neighbors, Inc. You can donate to support that effort here.

      1. Given negative feedback on the shirts, I’ve removed them entirely from the store. Thanks for your input.

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