Jeff Zupfer

“I Miss My School” Song From Garlough Parent

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Yesterday Governor Tim Walz announced that distance learning would continue for the rest of the school year and students would not return to classrooms in light of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. In response, Jeff Zupfer, a music teacher at Normandale Hills in Bloomington for 24 years, released the song, “I Miss My School.”

“I’m home like the rest of you, and I miss you,” Zupfer says in the video. “I miss who I am when I’m with you. I think today it’s OK to feel that, and to feel sad about that and to know that we’re going through this together.”

Garlough Connection

The “I Miss My School” video includes footage of Garlough Environmental Magnet School in West St. Paul. Zupfer is known for writing the Garlough song, “No Other Place Like Garlough.” Zupfer is also a Garlough parent, with all three of his boys going through ISD 197 schools. His youngest is currently a fourth grader at Garlough.

“We love Garlough,” says Zupfer. “It’s tough to think of not wrapping up that experience.”

Together in Isolation

Even though students have been home for over a month and distance learning will continue, Zupfer emphasizes that we’re all in this together.

“The good news is if you miss something, it just means it’s really important to you,” Zupfer says. “Take time to stop and feel what we’re feeling right now, that’s OK.”

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