Then & Now: Applebaum’s/Oxendale’s

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On June 27, 1956, the new Applebaum’s grocery store opened in the Doddway Shopping Center at the corner of Smith and Dodd in West St. Paul. Here’s a look at that historic opening day, compared to the modern view of Oxendale’s Market today.

Historic black and white image of a crowded parking lot of the Applebaum's grocery store in West St. Paul.
(Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)
Current picture of the parking lot at Oxendale's Market in West St. Paul.

A Little History

Applebaum’s has gone through a few iterations, including R.C. Dicks, Jim’s Market in 2011, and finally Oxendale’s in 2014.

Doddway Center was expanded to the west at some point with the new addition that includes Domino’s (probably in the late 1960s/early 1970s after the Dodd School was torn down). There’s a clear difference in the color of the brick on the right side of the current photo.

In the 1956 photo it looks like the building had a lot more window space—in the current building you can see lighter brickwork where the windows were likely filled in at some point.

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