Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day 2020

Thanks to Cherokee Service for their support.

November 19 is the annual Give to the Max Day across Minnesota, a chance to support local nonprofits. Last year’s event raised $21.6 million for more than 5,600 nonprofits. There are extra prizes and matching gifts to encourage donors and nonprofit organizations to get involved.

Especially this year with COVID-19, the need is greater than ever and many in-person fundraisers are canceled. There are a ton of amazing organizations doing great work in West St. Paul and the surrounding communities, so if you’re able, find one you support and make a donation.

(Some organizations have a Give to the Max page set up and some don’t, so rather than leave anyone out, we included as many as we could and you can still make a direct donation.)

West St. Paul Nonprofits

Schools in West St. Paul

Places of Worship in West St. Paul

We’re not a nonprofit, but we still need your support. Help keep your neighbors informed by supporting West St. Paul Reader.

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