The Bernie Sanders Meme Comes to West St. Paul

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At President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday a photo of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders bundled up and sitting in a chair went viral. The waiting Bernie meme has been everywhere, including West St. Paul. Here’s our roundup of West St. Paul Bernie memes.

For more meme-related fun, learn more about Bernie’s famous mittens and what he thinks about the meme. You can also get swag, including a Minnesota-made pin and the official Bernie sweatshirt. Finally, you can make your own Bernie meme using Google Street View.

West St. Paul Bernie Memes

On to the memes!

City Council

It started on Twitter: “Invited Bernie to the West St. Paul city council meeting and he’s early.”

(Credit: Darci Read)

Art Park

(Credit: Patrick Watson)

Granny Donuts

(Credit: Tiffany Norton)

River-to-River Greenway

(Credit: WSP Greenway Project)

Harmon Splash Pad

(Credit: Patrick Watson)

Waiting for Hy-Vee

(Credit: West St. Paul Reader)

Food Truck Food Court

(Credit: West St. Paul Reader)

More City Council

(Credit: Julie Eastman)

2019 West St. Paul Days Parade

(Credit: West St. Paul Reader)

Construction Begins at Former K-mart Site

(Credit: West St. Paul Reader)

This collection of local fun happens with your support.

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