Designs for Suite Living building

What’s Happening at Robert and Haskell?

Thanks to Southview Garden Center for their support.

A 32-unit senior living facility is being constructed at 938 S. Robert Street. This is on the east side of Robert, between Hurley and Haskell (not to be confused with the Gateway Place apartment project going up across the street on the west side of Robert).

Constructed by Hampton Companies and part of Suite Living Senior Care, the one-story facility will include 12 units of memory care and 20 units of assisted living for seniors.

938 S. Robert was the previous site of the West St. Paul Commercial Club bar, which sold the property in 2014 to the Dakota County Community Development Agency as part of a redevelopment plan for the whole area. The site was vacant when this project was proposed and passed with a zoning change in 2019.

Construction began in early 2021.

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