Southview Square shopping center in 1988 and 2021

Then & Now: Southview Square

Thanks to Southview Garden Center for their support.

Originally built in 1971, here’s a look at the Southview Square shopping center from 1988 and 2021.

Southview Square shopping center in 1988.
Southview Square in spring 1988 (Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)

A lot of the businesses from 1988 have changed. Kokesh Athletic & Golf store is now Home Choice. The Pet Connection is now Legacy American Martial Arts. The TCF Bank (complete with drive thru—no wonder this strip mall was originally split) is now vacant. Hancock Fabrics is now Tokyo Sushi.

Perhaps the biggest change is the replacement of the center turn lane down Robert Street with a median. As much as people like to complain about the median, it made the street safer and saved money. It also prompted a recent refresh to the entire shopping center.

Southview Square shopping center in 2021
Southview Square in spring 2021.

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  1. The large two story brick house on the northside of Marie near Humboldt use to sit on top of a rather high hill where Southview Square was built.

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