West St. Paul city pool

West St. Paul Pool Opens for 2021

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After a summer shut down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the West St. Paul city pool is back. The public pool, run by the West St. Paul YMCA, will open on Saturday, June 12 at 1 p.m.

Hours, pricing (including daily and season passes), and other details are available on the city website.

The new city manager, Nate Burkett, and the city’s marketing team made a splash with this announcement video:

Inside scoop on that video: Lifeguard Sam Murphy came up with the idea.

Get out there and enjoy the pool! (But remember that city ordinance sorta technically bans swimming in the pool.)

Pool History

The West St. Paul pool first opened 65 years ago in July 1956. About 1,500 swimmers jammed the pool on opening day.

Back then the pool cost $85,000 to build. The South Robert Street Business Association donated $35,000 and the city came up with the rest through a bond.

By the 1980s the pool needed work and costs were rising. City Council opted to close the pool, but public outcry brought it back. In the late 1990s the pool got a major upgrade with a new changing house, zero-depth splash pool, water slides, and accessible entrance ramp.

1997 pool of West St. Paul pool
Pool draining in August 1997, which gives a good look at the old changing house.

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(1997 and 1970s photos courtesy of the City of West St. Paul. Note: West St. Paul Reader is not endorsed, affiliated with, or sponsored by the City of West St. Paul.)

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