West St. Paul Armory in 1960 and 2021

Then & Now: West St. Paul Armory

Thanks to Southview Garden Center for their support.

The National Guard Armory at the corner of Robert Street and Emerson Avenue in West St. Paul was built in 1960. In addition to being home base for the 135th Infantry, 2nd Battalion’s A Company, the building has hosted a variety of events over the years.

Here’s a look at the building, presumably in 1960 given the stickers on the windows and lack of lettering on the side.

National Guard Armory in West St. Paul circa 1960.
(Photo credit: Dakota County Historical Society)

Here’s another look at the building, year unknown (though I’d guess 1970s).

This is the West St. Paul Armory today:

National Guard Armory in West St. Paul

Learn more about the West St. Paul’s A Company and their most recent deployment.

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