Give to the Max

Give to the Max Day 2021

Thanks to Jameson’s Irish Bar for their support.

Give to the Max Day is Minnesota’s annual opportunity to support nonprofits. Last year’s event raised $30.4 million for 6,114 nonprofits. November 18 is Give to the Max Day, though giving started on November 1 with extra prizes and matching gifts to encourage donors and nonprofits alike to get involved.

There are a ton of amazing organizations doing great work in West St. Paul and the surrounding communities, so if you’re able, find one you support and make a donation.

(Some organizations have a Give to the Max page set up and some don’t, so rather than leave anyone out, we included as many as we could and you can still make a direct donation.)

West St. Paul Nonprofits

Schools in West St. Paul

Places of Worship in West St. Paul

We’re not a nonprofit, but we still need your support. Help keep your neighbors informed by supporting West St. Paul Reader.

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